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Does Safe4 disinfectant concentrate kill feline Corona Virus?

Yes, at a 1:100 dilution ratio with a contact time of 5 minutes. 

Is Safe4 vegan friendly and do you test on animals?

All of our products are vegan friendly and we do not and will not test on animals. 

Does Safe4 disinfectant concentrate kill feline Feline Calicivirus?

We make another disinfectant concentrate called Safe4 plus that kills Feline Calicivirus at a 1:50 dilution ratio with a contact time of 30 mins.  This product must be rinsed from the surface. If you call 01606 591 900 we can assist you with acquiring the right disinfectant for you. 

Does Safe4 disinfectant kill Feline panuelcopia virus?

Yes, at a 1:100 dilution rate with a contact time of 30 minutes. 

Does Safe4 disinfectant kill ringworm?

Yes, at a 1:100 dilution with a contact time of 60 minutes, spray the disinfectant directly onto the animal. Avoid spraying the disinfectant into the animal’s mouth and eyes.  Alternatively, if your pet or animal in your care is nervous or would not like being sprayed you can use our disinfectant wipes to wipe down the area. 

Does Safe4 disinfectant kill Parasites like Coccidia?

No, Coccidia is a parasite, we cannot test against parasites and disinfectants aren’t effective against most of them. Parasites live inside the animal and treat the animal’s body as a host. They live off the nutrients inside the animal and Coccidia and other parasites can be spread and are most frequently spread by faecal matter.  Good housekeeping, in particular, against faeces will stop the spread of it if you have an outbreak or are concerned about the disease.

Does Safe4 disinfectant kill Giardia?

No, Giardia is a parasite that acts inside the animal. You can help stop the spread of the disease. The spread of Giardia is done by faeces so if you're mindful of the removal of faeces and then disinfect the area this will stop the spread of eggs of the parasite. The eggs of the parasite are contained within the faeces of the animal it has infected so as a general note it is always a good idea to use our disinfectant after you have removed any faecal matter that an animal has left. Faecal matter can attract other organisms and micro-organisms that can cause diseases in pets and humans. 

What other diseases do Safe4 kill?

To view a list of test results please visit

Places the disinfecant can be used

Inside the house, patio, grass (without harming it), artificial grass. septic tanks (due to it being biodegradable and rapidly breaking down into salt without causing harm to the biological activity in the tank ) 


Product Useage

How do I know how to dilute 900ml, 5Ltr and 25Ltr containers? 

We sell pumps for both of these products and pumped down they will dispense 30ml of the product. If you do it slowly it will dispense smaller amounts. 

Can I mix the Odour Killer with the disinfectant?

Absolutely, the products don't interact with each other and many of our customer’s choose to do this to save time. 

How do I clean with the disinfectant?

The disinfectant is a contact kill therefore it needs to physically come into contact with whatever you're trying to disinfect. You can use a trigger spray or use a mop and a bucket to apply it too. 

How do I use the Odour killer?

The Odour Killer breaks down the molecules that cause the smell therefore it needs to physically come into contact with whatever area or object is causing the smell. You can spray in the direction of where you want to break down a smell or use a mop bucket.   You can spray directly onto carpets, curtains, soft furnishings.  Do a test patch first on an area that can’t be seen.

The Animal Laundry Liquid is very foamy?

The laundry liquid is a very powerful product and the guidelines to use it are 10-25ml of the product per kilo of dry weight. 

Are the disinfectant wipes the same as the disinfectant?

The wipes are made out of a recycled substrate soaked in the disinfectant and so are effective against the same pathogens.  

How do I use the hand sanitiser?

Just place the product onto your hands using one of our dispensing containers. Rub your hands together until the product has disappeared. There's no need to use water. 

How often do I have to change the solution of the triple enzyme bacteriostatic cleaner?

Once an instrument has been introduced into the solution being used to rinsed the instruments then there is a period of 24hours after which the solution must be changed. If a solution has been prepared but no instruments have been introduced it must be used within 7 days. 




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We strongly suggest that if you order our products which have a smaller container (bacterial scrub 500ml, hand sanitiser 600ml and 60ml, trigger sprays, all 1L containers) you keep these containers for future use. It is a good way to save money because the larger versions of our product are more economical and the products have a 2 year sell by date. (bacterial scrub 5L, hand sanitiser 5L refill container and disinfectant concentrate) and then either dilute or refill the other containers. By doing this you'll be helping the environment because our containers are made out of plastic.  


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